йӵѧҧ ɳҹ

йӵѧҧ ɳҹ


          ÷ʻդѧ¶Ѵ չѴɳҹ Ш繵ͧٴѧ㹡йӵ Сѧǹ Ң¡˭ èоٴҧô ¤˹١ ¤˹ ѹлءͷ ͹ʹ͵ҧ¤йӵѧɧ ҽҡѹ


           Hello / Good Morning / Good Afternoon (ʴդ/Ѻ)

           How are you today (ʺ´/Ѻ?)

           How do you do? (ʺ´/Ѻ?)


           Let  me introduce my self (йӵͧ)

           My name is ..... (͡-ʡ)

           I was born on Friday 13 th of May 1988. I am 24 years old (/ԩѹ Դ 13 Ҥ 2531 24 )

           I have no brothers or sisters. and I am single (/ԩѹ վͧ ʶҹҾ ʴ)

           I graduated in .. (з診֡ Communication Arts йʵ) major . (Ңҷ診 Journalism  ʵ) from ...(Է·診 Rangsit university ԷѧԵ) with GPA 3.80 (ô 3.8)


           I learned to do things which I never could do before. I had a great chance to learn about life, the activities of life, meet new friends, and a lot more other things than I can say (ѹѡ觷·ҡ͹ ͡¹֧Ե ӡԨҧ 龺͹ ѧաҧ褧)


           My most important qualifications is good attention and patience (سѵԷӤѭͧ/ԩѹ ФʹѺ/)

           When I start to do anything I will go on until the job is done (ҧͧФʹ ͼ/ԩѹ ӧҹҧҧ /ԩѹ ŧͷѹ)

           I am easy going. I can get along with anybody. (繤ҡѺ öҡѹѺءٻẺ)

           My hobbies are surfing the internet, watching movies and reading books. Theyre all have a lot of knowledge. (ҹʹá͡Թ ÷ȹ ҹ˹ѧ դҡ㹹)


           I would like to have a good job which brings a stable income, have security, a family and be able to do some good things that people can remember me by. (էҹ ͹ դ蹤㹪Ե դͺ з觷繻ª騴)


           Because this company has a good image of stability and security. Its like when you want to travel on a ship, certainly you would choose a ship that you feel confident  with. (ҺѷҾѡɳ դ蹤 Фʹ ͹ѺҤҨŧѡ 礧ͧ͡Թҧ仡Ѻͷ֡ʹ )


           I really appreciate the chance to have an interview with you today. Thank  you so much. (ͺسѺ͡㹡ɳѹ)

          ҧ¤ѧɧ Ѻɳҹѧ ö任ء㹪ԵШѹ Ѻ÷ѧ ͧ֡˹ҡШ͹ ... ش¹ ء⪤աѺɳҹШ  

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